A Peek Inside My Drawing Pad

Wherever I go, I always bring my drawing pad, a pencil and some crayons or coloring materials in my bag.

This is to make sure that whenever there is free time, I can draw,sketch or color some art work.

Come peek inside some pages of my drawing pad...

This is a drawing I made for Mom using oil pastel crayons. I just love making art works for her!

This is a drawing of our family having picnic, with Troy, our blue car, at the back of Dad.I used colored markers here.

I was so inspired creating this one that I remember drawing it with colored markers in just a matter of minutes. :-)

My First Art Competition

Ever since I begun to learn how to hold a pencil and a crayon at a very young age, I remember myself scribbling, drawing and coloring pictures over and over again. Drawing has always been my favorite thing to do.

That is why when I was invited to join an art contest during the Foundation Day of the regular school where my sister and I are enrolled as homeschoolers, I was so excited.

It was an On-the-Spot Drawing contest and the theme was God's Creation. Call it beginner's luck, I won First Place in the Oil Pastel Art Competition Elementary Division. Here are some of my photos.

My winning entry! :-)

This is the School Principal hanging the medal on me. I bet my Mom was so proud!

This is me with my medal!

Clay Time

At home, If I am not holding my drawing pencil and a paper, I am usually molding a clay. I do not know but I am very much fascinated in molding miniature creations of art work in clay.

Here are samples of my art work.

         (Mommy mouse)

   (Baby mouse)


      (a dog with his bowl full of bones)

(some jug, pot and containers)

(a snail and a turtle)

Fun With the Computer

I was six years old when I discovered how to paint in the computer using my Dad's lap top. And since then, I never stopped painting using that medium.  Here are some of my early  creations.

Cute Cats
(One of the very first paintings I made.)

(This one is a favorite.)

(My secret wish of travelling to outer space was my inspiration here.)

The Real Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is not about the holiday presents and gifts. It's not about the tree, not even about Santa Claus. Christmas is about the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

This is the clay art I made and presented during our Thanksgiving Party in our Homeschool Community.